Portable Generator Light Towers For Sale in Saudi Arabia

Portable generator light towers for sale in Saudi Arabia

Portable generator light towers are widely used in various scenarios that require temporary lighting, such as road construction, construction sites, open-air performances, stadiums, emergency rescue and many other occasions.

So what kinds of portable light towers we can choose and what are the prices of them?

What is the use of portable generator light tower?


During road construction, the work location will change as the construction progresses, it’s also possible to move a considerable distance in a short period of time.

If now it is beyond the illumination range of the lighthouse, the work progress may be slowed down, even the workers may not be able to see the road clearly and fall.

Outside events:

In some nighttime open-air concerts, music festivals, or some sports events, crowds gather, which can easily cause accidents such as stampedes. Especially at the end of these events, safe evacuation of the crowd is very important.

However, these venues may not very often host these events, existing street lamps and other light sources around are not able to cover every corner, under this circumstance, portable lighthouses are needed as temporary light sources to ensure the smooth progress of the event and the personal safety of the public.


In some emergency rescue situations, dim light and obstructed vision may delay the rescue work, causing further harm to people in need. In some places where there is a sudden power outage, such as a section of a highway or railway track, emergency light sources are not only needed to illuminate the driver and the train, but also to provide maintenance personnel with lighting and safety for emergency repairs.

Portable light towers can be quickly moved to the required location and easily installed without delaying repair time. Kotech portable light tower, high-quality products and services that customers appreciate,economical prices that customers satisfy, we safeguard every customers’ purchase experience.

Portable generator light towers for sale and prices in Saudi Arabia

Diesel Generator Portable Light Tower

KLT Series is not picky about the working environment, because it can work as usual regardless of there is no electricity or sunlight for power source.

In addition, it can be not only a highly mobile lighthouse, but can also be used as a generator providing power for other electrical equipment, which is versatile and very powerful.

Solar Portable Light Tower

The solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity to charge solar cells, thereby providing lighting energy for lighthouse, saving electricity costs and reducing carbon emissions.

It is a very green and clean energy lighting device that meets the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development in modern society.

Battery Portable Light Tower

It is equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery, can be stored in a rescue vehicle or other vehicles as an emergency device, and can be easily taken out and installed when needed, it is the most portable light tower because it can be designed very tiny compared to other light tower.

It can be also directly connected to the local electricity grid, which is very convenient.

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How to select a suitable portable generator light tower?

Portable generator light tower and portable diesel generator light tower

To maximize our investment interest in purchasing a portable generator light tower, we need to select the product which is most suitable to us, here are some references:

  • First, confirm where you need the lighthouse towork at?
    If the workplace is far from electricity? If the weather is available and stable for getting solar energy? When the work site is remote and weather is not available, the portable diesel generator light tower is the best choice.
  • Second, confirm how much intensity of light and how large coverage you need?
    Generally, when there is more adjustable height of the lifting rods, the light coverage will be larger.
  • Third, do you prefer LED lamps or Halid lamps?
    LED lamp is more energy-saving and has a longer service life. Metal halide lamp has better color reproduction effect that suitable for special light color needs.
  • Last, how long is the runtime of full fuel/full charge?
    The capacity of the fuel tank or battery also affects the price of machine.


Portable generator light tower are a type of lighting equipment that combines advanced technology and practicality. They have outstanding advantages such as small size, high mobility, flexible adjustment, high brightness and multiple operation modes, and are suitable for various scenes with temporary lighting needs.

It has various kinds with different advantages which can satisfy all kinds of needs, and was wildly used and play a important role in various industries.

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