What is Mobile Diesel Light Tower?


What is Mobile Diesel Light Tower

Lighthouse by the seashore may be familiar with you, but how about a mobile light tower powered by diesel generator? The mobility and high-intensity power source of mobile diesel light tower make it an ideal light source for various outdoor work environments such as large-scale construction operations, accident repair, and disaster relief. And its reliable diesel-driven engine and stable mobility ensure its reliability and durability under harsh conditions. A powerful light source can provide more public safety

What is lighting tower used for?

Lighting towers are different from traditional cement lighthouses erected on the seashore to guide the direction of ships.

They are new technology of lighting equipment which suitable for large-scale and high-brightness lighting needs at various construction sites, mining operations, maintenance and repair, accident handling, and disaster relief.

Also apply to work sites of troops, highways, railways, electricity, public safety and other enterprises and institutions.

What is Lighting Tower Used For


What are the features of light tower?

Light towers have fixed type and movable type, according to its energy source, it can be classified into diesel generator type, gasoline generator type, battery type and solar type.

Nowadays, the most widely used is the diesel movable light tower, which plays a important role in all kinds of outdoor construction sites, road construction, emergency rescue, stadiums and other occasions, can provide powerful lighting support for night construction and activities to ensure the normal progress of production and public safety.

How does a diesel light tower work?

KLT Series Light tower structure

  1. Movablediesel light towers are powered by generators, which convert chemical energy into electrical energy by burning fuel to provide the required power for the entire light tower.
  2. The lifting system is composed of severallifting rodsand an air/water pump.
    The lifting rods are usually made of metal materials, the air/water pump is driven by an electric motor to inflate or deflate the lifting rods to achieve the lifting function of the light tower.
  3. The pneumatic control system mainly includes an automatic air pressure holding system and an electric cylinder.
    The function of the automatic air pressure holding system is to keep the air pressure in the mast within a set range to ensure the stability and safety of the mast during use.

What are its principles?

The movable diesel light tower is a highly mobile device specially designed to provide lighting support. Its main components include diesel generator sets, support poles, light sources and control system.

1. Power system:

The diesel generator set is installed in a movable box which like a car, it’s responsible for providing continuous and stable power for the entire equipment.

2. Lifting system:

The telescopic light poles can achieve a height adjustment about 10 meters through hydraulic or pneumatic lifting technology.

3. Lighting system:

It generally equipped with at least four metal halide lamps, which have great lighting effect and a coverage range of more than 50 meters; there is also light tower with high efficiency and energy saving as its selling point that uses LED lights, which are mostly found in energy storage battery light towers and solar light towers.

4. Control system:

It usually has two control modes: wireless remote control operation and manual button operation, which is convenient for users to operate according to actual needs.

5. Structure system:

The whole diesel light tower machine is covered by metal materials, with a compact structure, sprayed with protective paint, good air resistance, stable performance, so that can ensure it is capable of coping with various harsh outdoor environments and climates.

How to handle it?

Movable diesel light tower quipped with an electric self-loading and unloading system integrated with the entire equipment structure, loading or unloading can be completed by oneself without the help of other auxiliary loading and unloading equipment.

It can be controlled by touch screen or remote control. The machine adopts 4 integrated retractable vibration-reducing universal wheels, which are convenient for moving on bad road conditions such as potholes and mud; the universal wheels have a braking mechanism to facilitate the safe fixing of the equipment.

At the same time, each lamp can be adjusted up and down, left and right, and rotated individually to achieve 360-degree light irradiation without blind spots.

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How to choose a light tower?

If you are thinking what kind of light tower I should choose, here are some suggestions may be helpful:

First, you need to confirm what industry you want to use it for, and whether you want a fixed light tower or a movable light tower, such as a construction work place may be lack of or far from electricity, then a diesel light tower will be more suitable than battery powered light tower. And if you need light tower to be movable instead of fixed, then you need to confirm what kind of performance you prefer it possesses.

KLT Seires Mobile Diesel Light Tower for sale

For example, if you want an more energy-saving light tower with a long lighting time, you can choose a battery-driven light tower equipped with LED energy-saving lamps.

If you want a light tower with high lighting brightness and a wide lighting range, you can consider a metal halide lighthouse with diesel or gasoline engine. If you need it to be more portable, you can choose a portable battery lighthouse, which is more compact and convenient to transport and install.

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