Screw Compressor Service – Your Top Questions Answered

At Kotech, we take pride in our commitment to providing efficient and reliable solutions for oil-injected air compressors. We understand the critical role that compressed air equipment plays in industrial and manufacturing sectors. To ensure that you fully understand and make the most of our products, we have prepared this FAQs page for you – Screw Compressor Service

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Welcome to buy kotech’s products, if you use or maintain the process of problems, please follow the operating instructions below to solve, we are happy to provide you with 24/7 fast service to solve your concerns.

1.Please quote the necessary spare parts for three years. After buy this air compressor i don’t want to contact you until three years.

Ok,no problem ,besides the consumption spare parts for maintenance ,i will quote the spare parts may needed in three years.

2.How we reset the working pressure from 7bar to be 8bar ?

check how much the max pressure of the safety valve,if the max is 10bar ,you can set :
1. Discharge pressure to be 8bar
2. loading pressure to be 6.5bar
Above two reset in the user parameter.
3.unloading pressure to be 8bar
4.stop pressure at 9bar
Above two reset in the factory parameter.

3.Original atlas copco airend available ?

Yes, for customised requirements, we will supply you with an original Atlas Copco air cleaner, or of course you can choose one of our own air cleaner suppliers with warranty.

4.Can you get any spl price for long time relationship?

Yes, for support our cooperation, Kotech can apply a special price for the first order. we prefer support you develop market with our compressor and establish stable long-term cooperation.

5.Can you apply certificate of conformity?

No, the certificate issued by testing facility, we can provide it after the compressor finished then ask them inspection goods can issue this certificate only. before compressor finished, we can’t provide it. pls understanding

6.Can you make our color?

Yes, OEM service is available, give me your color code and logo, model number, we will design and send you check then arrange produce. we promise the full compressor without any our company information. only your information

7.What is the benefit between combined air compressor system and separate air compressor system ?

Separate compressor system is easy for daily maintenance and low noise than combined compressor,combined compressor can save install space ,but limited for self volume only for some small models. We should choose air compressor system under our actual condition. We advise customer to choose combined air compressor system if our install space is small and combined models can meet our air flow request.

8.Fan motor easily broken during long time continuous runing for the overheating. How to solve this issue?

Enlarge the fan motor power and use high temperature fan motor to improve the fan motor service time.

9.How many hours to do maintenance ?

For daily maintenance,we advise 500 hours for first maintenance,replace the oil filter element and air filter element,check the oil separator element. After first maintenance,replace air filter element,oil filter element and oil separator element every 2000 running hours.

10.How to protect the air compressor if local voltage is not stability?

We can add 3 phase protector on air compressor to solve this problem,it is good protection during the power off suddenly.

11.How to improve the quality of oil cooler to aviod leakage?

Use kotech’s robot to do the welding and machine molding to improve the firmness to aviod oil leakage.

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12.What type you have etc… ?

Here is the catalog of our compressors for reference: Cleck air compressor types or rules on

We have oil injected screw air compressor, PM variable frequency compressor, oil free compressor, two stage energy saving compressor, low pressure compressor 1.5bar to 5.5bar, high pressure screw and piston compressor 30bar/40bar, diesel portable compressor etc.

Why Choose Kotech Oil-Injected Air Compressors?

Kotech’s screw oil-injected air compressors stand out for their outstanding performance, advanced technology, and reliable design. We recognize the concerns of our customers regarding production efficiency and equipment reliability, and our products are designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

13.How to change the ambient temperature of a screw air compressor from +3*C to +45*C?

The screw air compressor designed 2-46℃, the compressor can normal running. If ambient temperature over 46℃,we can design high temperature model.

14.Where is the place for installing the desiccant air dryer?

Between compressor and tank or after tank ? Only desiccated air dryer:
Air compressor – air tank – water separator – T – A – desiccated air dryer – C

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