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Applications of Air Compressors in Glass Industry.

Glass Production Industry

In the current manufacturing industry, the use of air compressors has been gradually iterated from oil to oil-free air compressors, to say that the use of oil-free air compressors more manufacturing industries, glass manufacturing absolutely ranked into the top three, then about the oil-free air compressors in the glass industry, what are the specific applications?

glass production industry

Water-lubricated oil-free air compressor as environmental protection and energy-saving equipment recognized by many glass manufacturing enterprises, especially some PET blowing enterprises, speaking of PET blowing, we can frequently come into contact with the life of the Coke bottle and many directly drinkable beverage bottled consumer products, such products for the bottle of environmental protection and edible has very high requirements.

Oil-Free Air Compressor for Glass Manufacturing

In the past PET bottle blowing manufacturing process, some micro-oil or oil screw compressor compressed gas, it is completely impossible to achieve 100% oil-free, a small amount of oil mist carried in the air will enter the bottle along the air outlet, causing some harm to the human body.

In order to avoid the occurrence of such problems, so there is a water lubrication talk oil-free air compressor was introduced. Oil-free air compressors have a variety of applications in the glass industry.

The following are some of the main application areas:

1. Glass cutting: In the glass cutting process, high pressure gas is needed to remove the dust and debris from the glass surface to ensure the cutting quality. The use of oil-free air compressor can provide clean, oil-free, odorless compressed air, avoiding the impact of oil pollution on the cutting quality.

2. Glass sandblasting: When sandblasting the glass surface, it is necessary to use compressed air to spray sand particles onto the glass surface. The use of oil-free air compressor can avoid the impact of oil pollution on the glass surface, and at the same time can provide stable air pressure and flow to ensure the sandblasting effect.

3. Glass drilling: In glass drilling, it is necessary to use high-speed rotating drills and coolant. The use of oil-free air compressor can provide stable air pressure and air flow for driving the drill, and can provide clean compressed air for cooling.

4. Glass Lamination: When applying film on the glass surface, compressed air is used to adsorb the film onto the glass surface and squeeze out the air. The use of oil-free air compressor can provide clean, oil-free, odorless compressed air, to avoid the impact of oil pollution on the film.

In conclusion, oil-free air compressors are widely used in the glass industry, which can provide clean, stable and reliable compressed air and ensure the quality and efficiency of glass processing.

Glass Manufacturing Ecological Conservation

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The Main Uses of Compressed Air in the Glass Industry

1. Assisted combustion

Mainly used for production line kiln glass liquid combustion combustion, so that the media atomization to achieve the overall full combustion, and for the process of changing the fire in the idle oil (powder, natural gas) cavity residual material blowing and cavity cooling cooling protection.

2. Medium transportation

Mainly used for such as coke powder pipeline transportation and blowing, such as grinding workshop ultra-fine powder through the pipeline by compressed air to the use of the workshop, to achieve a more reliable delivery speed, reduce production and transportation costs, and avoid the delivery process of ultra-fine dust diffusion on the surrounding environment.

3. Equipment and instrument execution air

Mainly used in various workshops for pneumatic equipment, such as pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic ball valves running air source, instrumentation, such as cameras and lenses cooling, cleaning.

4. Environmental protection dust removal system blowback

Used in dust collector, self-cleaning air filters and other dust collection equipment such as bag or cartridge blowback, such as semi-dry desulfurization system in the top of the dust bin bag blowback, material ash collection system, fully filtered particulate matter in the air;

Used in environmental protection denitrification system, denitrification tower catalyst module blowing, compressed air blowing can reduce the denitrification tower in and out of the flue gas pressure difference, so that the flue gas and catalyst to get fully reacted to reduce the nitrogen oxides in the flue gas content;

5. Blowing technology

The use of compressed air will be made of molten glass into narrow-necked bottles and jars, usually made of pressure blowing method, but all need to be provided by the air compressor compressed air, and need to be filtered and dried.

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