5 Major Service Commitments

Free provision of design, selection, and other technical support.

In today’s era of technological advancement, nearly all products are approaching homogeneity.

Our mission extends beyond delivering premium products; it involves providing our customers with exceptionally comprehensive services—–Declaration of Kotech Services

Training Technology

Technical Support for Selection, On-site Guidance for Installation, Debugging, and Maintenance Training, etc.

Lifetime Maintenance

24-hour professional technical services are available, and upon receiving notification, we will provide customers with responses unconditionally.

Nationwide Warranty

Global warranty, one-year warranty, ten-year guarantee, and supply of spare parts at discounted prices

Lightning-fast responses

Upon receiving customer notifications, we promptly provide responses, regardless of whether the product is still under warranty

Regular inspection

Professional technicians are scheduled for regular quarterly inspections, available both online and offline.

New Generation Permanent Magnet VSD Screw Air Compressor Technology

Strategic Collaboration: Building Success on 3 Core Pillars

Kotech Compressor was established in 2014, specializing in the field of air compression. Despite our relatively young age, we have quickly made a mark with keen insights and a profound understanding of the industry.

In a short span, we have achieved significant milestones in the air compression sector, dedicated to providing clients with efficient and reliable compression solutions.

For more information about Kotech Compressor and our expertise in the field of air compression, feel free to contact us.

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all-in-one offer

Comprehensive Support

A Commitment to a Sustainable and Fruitful Collaboration.

Our commitment to this partnership revolves around three key elements: being a dominant force in the industry, offering a comprehensive range of premium products, and providing end-to-end distributor support.

This is just a glimpse of our extensive package, crafted to align with your expertise, needs, and aspirations. Let’s engage in a conversation — we’re eager to listen and transform a promising proposal into a lasting and prosperous collaboration.

What we’re looking for:

  • Passion for advanced air compression and industrial gas technology
  • Adequate office space and storage/warehouse facilities at your base location
  • Proven experience in B2B capital sales and service
  • Willingness to invest in products, personnel, and tools
  • Demonstrated creditworthiness and a strong financial background

Fill out the form below to express your interest in partnering with Kotech! We look forward to building a successful future together.


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