How Does a Towable Light Tower Work?


How does a towable light tower work

Towable light tower is a highly mobile lighting device that combines advanced technology and practicality. It has outstanding advantages such as small size, high mobility, flexible adjustment, high brightness and easy installation. It is suitable for various scenes with lighting needs, providing bright lighting support to ensure the progress of work and the safety of personnel.

Understanding the working principle of towable light tower work enables you to give full play to its powerful capabilities and maximize its use to help your work.

What is towable light tower?


Towable light tower is also called a mobile lighting vehicle. Unlike a traditional fixed light tower by the seashore, it is mounted on a trailer and equipped with tires suitable for crossing uneven roads. It can be pushed by human or towed by vehicles to be transported on the highway to the work site.


Towable light tower generally consists of several parts, namely the light bulbs, masts, power source, and the towable frame(trailer). The towable frame is the reason for its high mobility and portability.

Four Multi-Angle Mobile Diesel Light Towers

How does towable light tower work?

  1. Towable light tower relyon its generator or battery for power supply. The generator has diesel type and gasoline type, it converts chemical energy into electrical energy by burning fuel, providing the power required for the entire light tower to operate and light the lamps.Solar Light Tower
  2. The lifting system is composed of lifting rodsand an air pump or hydraulic press. The lifting rods are usually made of metal, and the air pump is driven by an electric motor to inflate or deflate the lifting masts to rise or down the lamps.
  3. The trailer is equipped with off-road tires and at least four galvanized jack supports, which allow it to be moved to places even with poor road conditions and provide reliable and stable support regardless of uneven construction sites or strong winds.
  4. Light source usuallyadopts metal halide lamps or LED lamps, which are driven by motors or batteries of the machine. Metal halide lamps have good color reproduction ability and are suitable for occasions with specific light color requirements, but they generate heat seriously during operation.

    LED lamps
    do not contain filaments, which means they are not afraid of bumps or shocks, have good stability, and advantaged in energy-saving and long service They are currently the first choice for all kinds of industrial light towers.
  5. There are two types of control systems, remote control and touch buttons or touchpad. With several buttons, you can control the machine to automatically operate, raise the mast, light up the light bulbs or stop working, and fold the lifting rods for storage, which is very convenient. The diesel mobile light tower can even drive itself to where it should be as per your request!

General Parameters

  • Light source type: Metal halide lamps/LED lamps
  • Rated voltage: 240V 50Hz/415V 50Hz(customizable)
  • Rated power: 4×550W
  • Luminous flux: 4×128000Lm
  • Light source service life: Metal halide lamp ≥1 year. LED lamp ≥5 years
  • Lamp head rotation angle: Horizontal 360°/ Vertical 90°adjustable
  • Irradiation range: 200~300m²
  • Fuel tank capacity: 50L
  • Oil capacity: 1.65L/2.3L
  • Full fuel/battery continuous working time: ≥50h/30h
  • Fuel consumption (full load): 1.66L
  • Load noise: 67dB
  • Lifting height: 8m
  • Trailer size: 1.8×1.5×2.0m
  • Expanded working size: 3.5×2.8×8m

Towable light tower can be used in various situations, like road building, construction sites, outside performances, stadiums, emergency rescue and many other occasions. Whether it is night construction or emergency disaster rescue, mobile lighting vehicles can provide reliable lighting support to ensure the safety of personnel and the smooth progress of work.

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