What is the purpose of a light tower?


light tower

Lighting tower is a widely used and powerful lighting equipment. It can play an important role in various emergency and construction sites. It is an ideal choice for various large-scale construction operations, accident repair, disaster relief and other work sites. Its efficient lighting capacity and flexible adjustment methods enable it to cope with different environments and work requirements. At the same time, its stable performance and high-quality materials ensure its reliability and durability under harsh conditions.

Why is a light tower needed?

Light towers are very important in nighttime construction work. The visibility is poor at night. If people are surrounded by darkness while working, their concentration and vigilance might be decreased. A danger may be easily discovered under the sunlight, but that is not the same when the environment is dark. Therefore, being illuminated by a strong light source without blind spots while have to work at night is very important.

Light towers can be used in emergency rescue situations such as car accidents, fires and other emergency situations at night. At these kind of moments, strong light can make it easy for rescuers to find wounds and some potential dangerous factors. Sometimes, rescuers cannot judge the whole body injuries of the wounded in time by using a flashlight, which may causes delays in diagnosis and that oftentimes leads to worse health issues that could have been prevented.

Light towers can also be used in concerts, music festivals, sports events and other large-scale events, these kinds of big events involves a large number of people, and someone may bring their kids or elder people to come as well, so when some emergencies occur or the show ends, the large light source that lights up in time to effectively help people evacuate and leave the venue safely, and it can also serve as a warning to remind people around and security personnel that an emergency has occurred so that effectively improves the public safety of large crowd gatherings.

Mobile light towers for concerts music festivals, sporting events etc.

What is the features of light tower?

Different light towers have different functions and application scenarios.

According to the installation method, they can be divided into fixed light towers and adjustable mobile light towers.

Fixed light towers: installed in a fixed position, generally used to illuminate specific areas, such as building exterior walls, squares, etc.

According to the functions and characteristics of fixed light towers, they can be also divided into different types, such as below:

Architectural lighting light towers: used to illuminate buildings, billboards, large sculptures and other places, providing outdoor landscape lighting and night safety.

Landscape lighting light towers: used to illuminate parks, gardens, scenic spots and other places, creating a beautiful night environment and enhancing the landscape effect.

Sports venue light towers: used to illuminate stadiums, football fields, basketball courts and other places to ensure good lighting conditions for competitions and activities.

Adjustable mobile light towers: light towers with adjustable lighting angles and directions, which can adjust the lighting range and angle according to actual needs, with high flexibility and mobility can be moved to anywhere as needed.

According to the classification of light source:

Diesel Powered Mobile Light Tower and Solar Mobile Light Tower

LED light tower: A light tower that uses LED as a light source has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, and long life, and is widely used in various fields.

High-pressure sodium light tower: A light tower that uses high-pressure sodium lamps as a light source has high brightness and long life, and is suitable for large-area lighting needs.

Halogen light tower: A light tower that uses halogen lamps as a light source has high brightness and good color reproduction ability, and is suitable for specific lighting needs.

Classification by power source:

Pure electric light towers: It is directly connected to the power grid, characterized by quiet and stable operation, without interruption due to additional maintenance required for refueling or repairing mechanical parts, and can be set to automatically start and shut down as needed. It mainly appears on fixed light towers, such as landscape lighting light towers that will turn on in the evening and turn off at midnight or early morning.

Gasoline or diesel powered mobile light towers: When the work site is remote and the power supply is limited or non-existent, a mobile light tower powered by fuel such as gasoline or diesel is the best choice. It is movable because its gasoline or diesel generator can be used not only as a power source but also as a power engine. When it is installed on a mobile tool, it can be driven to any place where it is needed. At the same time, it can also be used as a generator to provide power for other electrical equipment when needed.


Battery energy storage and solar light towers:

This type of light tower is portable and environment friendly, and can also save a certain amount of electricity costs. Because of the built-in battery, it can be used immediately without looking for a power source or adding fuel such as diesel, gasoline.

At the meantime, manufacturers can also optimize it into a small and portable shape according to customer needs, let it can be easily installed on the roof of a car or a building’s exterior wall.

There is another type called towable light tower, which combines the advantages of a solar light tower and a diesel generator light tower, which is energy-saving, portable, and has strong lighting capability.

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