What Are The 4 Types of Diesel Generators?

What are the 4 types of diesel generators

(DG)Diesel generator sets, as a modern industrial and civilian area of important energy equipment, are widely used in a variety of scenarios, from hospitals, and data centers to construction sites and remote areas. There are also many types of diesel engines, which can be divided into eight main categories. Silent diesel generator sets are further to meet the needs of people in the use of low noise environment. So, how does the silent diesel generator set to achieve its high efficiency, low noise operation? In this paper, we will reveal its working principle.

The Principle of Diesel Generator Sets

Diesel generator sets are mainly composed of diesel engines, generators, and control systems are composed of three parts. Diesel engines as a prime mover, through the combustion of diesel fuel, produce high-temperature and high-pressure gas, pushing the piston movement, which is converted into mechanical energy.

The generator converts this mechanical energy into electrical energy. The control system is responsible for monitoring and adjusting the operating state of the diesel engine to ensure the stability and safety of power generation.

Quiet Diesel Generator Set Noise Reduction Technology

The key to a silent diesel generator is in its noise reduction technology. This is mainly achieved through the following aspects:

  1. sound insulation design: silent diesel generator sets are usually closed design, the diesel engine, and generator in a soundproof enclosure, through the absorption and reflection of soundproof materials, reduce the spread of noise.
  2. muffler: A muffler installed in the exhaust system, through the muffler material absorption and reflection effect, reduces the exhaust noise.
  3. Shock absorption measures: vibration damping treatment of diesel engines and generators to reduce the noise generated by mechanical vibration.

Silent diesel generator noise reduction technology

The Workflow of The Silent Diesel Generator Set

When the quiet diesel generator was set to start, the control system first issued a command to start the diesel engine. Diesel engines through the combustion of diesel fuel generate power to drive the generator rotation.

The magnetic field inside the generator interacts with the rotating conductor, generating an induced electromotive force, which in turn generates electrical energy. The electrical energy is rectified, filtered, and processed, and then output to the load equipment.

At the same time, the control system will monitor the operating status of the diesel engine in real-time, including temperature, pressure, speed, and other parameters. Once abnormalities are found, the control system will take immediate measures, such as adjusting the fuel supply, changing the speed, etc., to ensure the stable operation of the diesel engine.

In addition, the control system will automatically adjust the output power of the generator according to the change of load to meet the demand of different loads.

Additional protective measures, i.e. enhancing the safety of diesel generator sets, are implemented according to the application, installation location, and relevant regulations. Therefore, according to the protective measures, we can discuss four types of units: open type diesel generator sets, silent type diesel generator sets, Containerised diesel generator sets and Mobile trailer-mounted diesel generator sets.

4 Types of Diesel Generators

4 types of diesel generator sets - 1

Open Type Diesel Generator Sets

Open-type diesel generator sets are those that are directly mounted on a metal frame or structure that supports the machine and auxiliary equipment. The system facilitates its manufacture and execution.

The advantages of the open set are: it is easy to find parts, it is increasingly easy and fast to maintain, it allows the heat generated by the machine to dissipate quickly, the simplicity of the open type set makes it cheaper.

However, this type of equipment must be installed indoors or in protected spaces, without excessive humidity, adequate ventilation, cleanliness, etc. All these characteristics are necessary for the proper functioning of the open set.

When diesel generator units are installed near residential or work areas, special attention must be paid to adequate soundproofing measures.

Import and export, entrances and exits, and vents

In addition to fuel, a diesel generator set needs an air inlet, an air outlet, and a flue gas outlet to function properly. Therefore, the room in which the diesel generator set is placed must be adequately ventilated with vents.

The surrounding air is responsible for cooling the equipment, which must be kept at the proper temperature and, of course, free of dust and particles.

Ventilation is necessary, and failure to take this into account will eventually result in the internal combustion engine shutting down due to a lack of oxygen needed for combustion.

Another common problem in diesel generator sets is the noise it produces. Depending on the layout of the room, it is important to keep it in mind among other details.

Silent Type Diesel Generator Sets

Low-noise diesel generator set series products in addition to the KGS series of functions also have the following features and advantages.

  1. Significant low-noise performance, unit noise limit 75dB (A) (1m away from the unit).
  2. Low-noise diesel generator set overall design of the compact structure, small size, novel, and beautiful modeling.
  3. Multi-layer shielding impedance mismatch type acoustic enclosure.
  4. High-efficiency noise-reducing type multi-channel air inlet and exhaust, air inlet and exhaust channel, to ensure that the unit has sufficient power performance.
  5. Large impedance composite silencer.
  6. Large capacity fuel oiler.
  7. Ad hoc quick-open cover, easy maintenance.

In the third generation of Kotech’s KGS series silent generator sets, the design is perfect

  1. The whole series of silent diesel generator sets can be lifted on the top of the box.
  2. The overall structure is more compact, with built-in large horizontal silencers, and lower noise; silent diesel generator sets
  3. Cancellation of the traditional design of the bottom of the box into the wind, to prevent debris and dust inhalation, and increase the area of air intake and exhaust.
  4. Independent output switch box on the static speaker box, to facilitate the connection of the cable (especially suitable for construction, and leasing); Silent diesel generator sets
  5. The static speaker box is waterproof and the weatherproof grade is higher.

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Containerised Diesel Generator Sets

Advantages and features of outdoor containerized diesel generators.

Compared with traditional indoor generators, outdoor containerized diesel generators have the most important feature that they can be directly placed outdoors, without the need to design and build a machine room for them.

At the same time, taking into account the cost of the container box and other factors, its advantages and disadvantages are also extremely obvious.

Advantages: First, it does not occupy indoor building space, does not take up the building plot ratio indicator; is to supports the overall factory prefabricated production, construction and delivery cycle is short, and on-site construction risk is low; Third, the upgrading and transformation of the relocation convenience.

Disadvantages: First, the container space is narrow, the operating environment is poor, and the later operation and maintenance (especially large parts maintenance) is difficult; Second, the operation of the noise of the external impact is slightly larger, or needs to additionally increase the noise reduction investment costs.

Mobile Trailer-Mounted Diesel Generator Sets

Mobile trailer-type diesel generator sets emerging markets mainly include the Middle East and Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania, South America and other regions.

Demand in the Middle East and Africa mainly comes from infrastructure construction, the oil exploration industry and power facilities are no perfect power supply gap; the region has great economic potential.

Mobile trailer generator set design with innovation, high mobility, low center of gravity, braking safety, well-made, beautiful appearance. The adoption of steel plate spring suspension structure node selection is reasonable, has high strength, and good rigidity. The power station is easy to move, flexible in operation, with good sealing and safety.

And it is equipped with a hand brake, air brake, rear tail light and other systems, which meet the traveling requirements of the highway. Widely used in construction sites highway, railway construction and temporary location of electricity places

Mobile trailer-type generator sets can be divided into push-type vehicle-mounted generator sets, three-wheeled vehicle-mounted generator sets, four-wheeled vehicle-mounted generator sets, automobile power stations, trailer power stations, mobile low-noise power stations, mobile container power stations, electric power engineering vehicles and so on.

Configuration case

Traction: It adopts a movable hook, 180°turntable, flexible steering and convenient operation.

Brake: It has both a reliable air brake interface and a manual brake system to ensure safety in traveling. Support: To ensure the stability of the power trolley operation, it is equipped with a 4R mechanical or hydraulic support device.

Doors and windows: Ventilation windows at the front, large doors at the rear and doors on both sides for operator access.

Cabin size: The size of the cabin depends on the specification, the operator can walk around, easy to operate and maintain.

Appearance: The paint is made of high polymer polyurethane paint, the color can be customized by the user, and the exhaust pipe is made of upper exhaust or lower exhaust to ensure beauty. The text and decoration on the outside of the trunk can be made according to the user’s requirements.

Fire fighting: two fire extinguishers can be equipped with the truck.

Diesel Generator Engine Precautions


Before maintenance or repair of the generator set, should be hung on the starting switch or operating lever – ‘no operation’ or similar warning signs.

Do not allow unauthorized personnel to approach the engine while the generator set is being serviced or repaired. The emergency stop button on the generator set control panel should be pressed and the generator output switch should be in the OFF position.

According to the needs of the working conditions, the generator set installation site should wear a helmet, wear good protective clothing should wear eye protection and other protective items when needed. If you are running the engine in a sealed place, you should wear ear protection to prevent damage to your hearing.

Do not wear oversized protective clothing or jewelry on the job site, as these may hang on the joystick or other parts of the engine. Make sure all guards or covers are securely in place on the engine. Use care when applying all cleaning agents. Do not place maintenance solutions in glass containers as they are easily damaged.

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