Diesel Skid-Mounted Air Compressors
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Project Name:KDS Series 5m³ 7bar Diesel Skid-Mounted Air Compressor for sale

Date: 2024.2

Working Pressure: 7 – 35bar 、 100 – 508psig

Motor Power: 8.2 – 602kw

Air delivery: 1 – 35m3/min

Diesel Air Compressor with high pressure for water well drilling rig product description

Kotech’s mobile air compressor products kds series-5/7 diesel skid-mounted air compressor, in the transport of water in the project our brand of air compressors for the transport of water to provide compressed air, thus solving the demand for water!

Portable air compressor is widely used outdoor .It is easy to travel, generally suitable for drilling, shale mining, oil exploration, blasting, road and bridge construction etc.

For some countries if Insufficient water resources ,it need to do the water transfer. Kotech’s diesel skid mounted portable air compressor can do the help.

You can check how far it need to get the water ,and how much bar /working pressure to achieve, normally you can get from engineer,.if do not ,you can check with us for the suitable air compressor needed.

Road administration .also here for the water transfer ,it not too far or not too much water ,it can meet customer need too.

Efficient screw rotor, a world-renowned brand diesel engine with the characteristics of low operating cost and easy maintenance.

  • Hand lift system
  • With brake by hand
  • Flexible adjustment the height according to the track level

Engine is equipped with inter-cooled (air or water cooled) and turbocharged, better adapted to high altitude and high temperature operations.

UK Deepsea electronic with multilanguage option,also can have a more clear controlling for many different info.

Diesel skid-mounted air compressors, such as the Kotech KDS series-5/7KDP series, play a vital role in water transportation projects by providing essential compressed air for various tasks. With their reliability, versatility, and performance, these compressors contribute to the successful execution of projects in the marine industry, ensuring efficiency, productivity, and safety.

KOTECH Accept OEM/ODM Produce Equipment for Customers.

Customer on-site water transport process

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