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In our latest shipment, we are thrilled to announce the dispatch of 16 robust Kotech mobile air compressors, featuring three distinct models: KDP-5/7, KDP-10/10, and KDP-10/12.

KDP-5/7: Versatile Performance

Elevate your job site productivity with 11 units of the KDP-5/7, each boasting a perfect balance of power (5m³/min) and pressure (7 bar). Ideal for a wide range of applications, these compressors ensure versatility and reliability in every project.

kotech KDP 5-7 Shipment site 2
kotech KDP 5-7 Shipment site 1

Wrapped tightly with stretch (PE) film on-site to prevent collisions during transportation, this is Kotech’s assurance to customers.

KDP-10/10: Applications in Mining:

Experience the relentless power of 3 KDP-10/10 units, delivering an impressive 10m³/min of air at 10 bar pressure. From exploration of potential sites to ore refining, air compressors are used to offer the necessary power and air to the worksite.(click here)

KDP-10/12: Applications in Construction:

The shipment also includes 2 units of the KDP-10/12, designed for precision and efficiency. With a remarkable air delivery of 10m³/min at 12 bar pressure, these compressors are tailored for applications that demand precision and consistent performance.

kotech KDP 10-12 shipping

Ready for action, welcoming customers.

Case Study Highlights:

Explore our website for an in-depth case study featuring real-world applications of the KDP Series in various industries.
Witness firsthand the delivery and on-site deployment of Kotech’s mobile air compressors, adhering to strict installation standards in construction sites, mining operations, and beyond.

Image Showcase (Equipped with Inflatable Cushion Protection):

Inflatable cushion protection
Container cargo container with KDP diesel mobile air compressor 2
Container cargo container with KDP diesel mobile air compressor
Container cargo container with KDP diesel mobile air compressor 3

Kotech’s KDP Series represents a pinnacle of performance in the realm of mobile diesel air compressors. Whether you’re tackling construction projects or industrial tasks, trust KDP Series to power your progress reliably and efficiently.

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