Diesel Air Compressor for Jack Hammer
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Diesel air compressors have many benefits for jack hammers. They are more powerful and efficient than electric air compressors. They also have a longer lifespan.

The Jack hammer is a high-efficiency rock drill that is generally used to mine stone directly. It drills holes in the rock layer to insert explosives for blasting the rock, thus completing the mining of stone or other stonework. The rock drill can also be changed into a breaker to break hard layers such as concrete in addition.

The mobile/portable air compressor widely used in demolition and drilling. The compressed air provide power to the pneumatic equipment, especially used in tough materials like concrete, stone, and brick. The air compressor can operate with many different construction equipment aslo, Like drilling deep wells, quarry and constructing tunnels.

The air at the inlet of the jack hammer should ideally be dry, and the pressure should be maintained at 5bar, at least 4bar. Most air compressors used for this purpose have a pressure of 7bar to 8bar. The diesel portable compressor is recommended for general outdoor use. The model and qty of the jack hammer determines the diesel portable air compressor that will be used.

The Kotech diesel portable air compressor is widely used for jack hammer in mining.

Jack Hammer Air Compressor

(Diesel mobile Air Compressor for Jack Hammer & Municipal industry)

Diesel Air Compressor for Jack Hammer

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