Oil Free Diesel Portable Air Compressor
By Published On: January 12, 2024Views: 447

Application & Running situation

The 100% oil free diesel portable air compressor, jointly developed by GHH airend and Cummins engine, widely used in a variety of industrial and commercial application, including mining, ship repair, hydropower, oil and gas exploitation, borehole, construction, general construction, public construction, chemical industry, quarry, sandblasting, pipeline pressure test, public works, drilling, water well drilling, rock drill rod, jack hammer, subsurface drilling, fire breathing, digging, and pipeline grooming. Featuring high capacity and reliable performance, this durable compressor with wheels ensures long-lasting use.

In the dynamic landscape of the petroleum industry, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Kotech, a leading innovator in industrial equipment, has successfully addressed these concerns with its cutting-edge product, the KOP Series-42/10. This oil-free diesel mobile compressor is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of petroleum companies, offering an unparalleled combination of power, mobility, and durability.

In order to follow the international market demands, Kotech group invested a large amount of capital, and its R&D team from Gillingham, UK, hired German designers to customize the series compressors originally. It took about 1-2 years to build this era-significant compressors.

The KOP Series-42/10 boasts impressive specifications, featuring a robust 10-bar pressure and an outstanding 1500 cubic feet per minute (cfm) capacity. This powerful mobile compressor is engineered to tackle the challenges unique to the petroleum industry, providing a seamless and reliable solution for various applications. Till now, it is running stably in Southeast Asian market.

The timeline of development of the oil free diesel mobile compressor:

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