Diesel Portable Air Compressor for Sandblasting
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Project Name: 17 x KOE-335VSD Diesel Portable Air Compressor for Sandblasting,Nitrogen Generator with air dryer, air receiver tank and air filters.

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Net mass:270kg

Air Flow:185cfm

Working pressure: 7bar、 36.8kw 、2500r/min

KOTECH, as a pioneer British air compressor brand, KOTECH-KDP Servies is ideal choice for powering equipment such as construction machinery. Meticulous construction and premium quality components ensure trouble-free operation in ambient temperatures ranging from -20℃ to +50℃. Versatility is further enhanced by the chassis, which can be equipped with a fixed or height adjustable tow bar and with or without an overrun brake. Stationary versions can be installed either on skids or machine mounts.

These diesel portable air compressors are perfect for use in the sandblasting、Jack Hammer、oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan. It is easy to operate and provides a high level of performance and reliability.

KOTECH provides Air compressed solutions for mining equipment, construction and all industries, every equipment passed a process of full ex-factory inspection by the professional engineers.

kotech portable air compressor
kotech air compressor for sandblasting
kotech diesel portable air compressor for sandblasting
kotech compressor


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