Air Compressors in the Photovoltaic Industry
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Air compressors are widely used in the photovoltaic industry.

Solar energy, with its abundant and widely distributed resources, is a renewable energy source with great development potential. With the increasing global issues of energy shortages and environmental pollution, solar photovoltaic power generation has become an emerging industry of universal concern and key development worldwide.

The photovoltaic industry, particularly driven by semiconductor technology and the demand for new energy, has emerged as a sunrise industry, holding a strategic position in the future global advanced industry competition.

Advantages of Photovoltaic Power Generation:

  1. Free and inexhaustible.
  2. Less geographical requirements compared to hydroelectric and wind power stations.
  3. Lower time and cost required for establishing solar power plants compared to hydroelectric plants.
  4. No environmental pollution from the extraction and use of solar energy (zero emissions).
  5. Wide applicability, capable of solving electricity issues in remote areas.
  6. Safe, reliable, maintenance-free, and unattended.

Application Characteristics of Air Compressors in the Photovoltaic Industry

The industry as a whole uses a lot of air, 90% of the equipment needs compressed air.

The overall air consumption of the industry is large, especially in the battery cell manufacturing piece.

Air compressors are mainly oil-free screw air compressors and centrifugal air compressors.

Photovoltaic products require high precision and do not allow any contamination and impurities, so air compressor applications are basically based on oil-free air compressors and centrifugal air compressors.

Kotech’s k series of oil-free dry compressors and oil-free scroll compressors are free of contamination and impurities.

Purify the Air with Oil-Free Air Compressor

(Click on the image to read the list of k series oil-free compressors.)

Higher demand for solutions

Demand for solutions is significantly higher in the industry than in other industries.

Concerned about energy saving and emission reduction, hoping for heat recovery.

The industry is more concerned about operating costs, and for air compressors, which are large consumers of energy, energy consumption and efficiency are the main indicators of customer concern. Customers also hope to reduce costs through heat recovery and other means.

Air compressor application points

Silicon Wafers, Cells, Battery Modules

Adsorption: Vacuum generators

Vacuum generators are traditionally used for suction cup fitting, adsorption of various materials, handling, especially suitable for adsorption of fragile, soft, thin non-metallic materials or spherical objects. The air consumption is small.

Dicing: Cutting Machine

Mainly used for cutting and separating chips from wafers into individual grains.

Nitrogen production: Air separation equipment

Air is used as raw material, and the oxygen and nitrogen are separated by physical methods.

Drive: Pneumatic Components

Is through the gas pressure or expansion of the force generated by the components to do work, that is, the elastic energy of compressed air is converted to kinetic energy of the machine parts. Including cylinders, air motors, steam engines, solenoid valves and a variety of instruments.

Blow: cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used in semiconductor silicon wafers, solar cell wafers, crystals, resistors and capacitors, PCB boards, IC chips diode/triode, electronic circuit boards, computer motherboards, picture tubes, and other production processes between the processes of cleaning.

Protective gas: Sintering furnace

Is a kind of high temperature, so that the ceramic billet solid particles bonded to each other, grain growth, voids (pores) and grain boundaries are gradually reduced, through the transfer of substances, the total volume of its contraction, the density increases, become a dense polycrystalline sintered body with a certain microstructure of the furnace.

Pomade: Cleaning / Pomade Machine

Pomade, photovoltaic industry terminology, a process method for treating silicon wafers, the first process of silicon solar cell wafer production. The surface of the wafer is treated to a velvet surface to improve the light trapping effect of the wafer.

Air compressors for the photovoltaic industry

(Air compressors for the photovoltaic industry)

Diffusion: Diffusion Furnace

Diffusion manufacturing PN junction is the basic and critical process of cell production. It is the formation of the PN junction that creates the electric current. The quality of diffusion has a significant impact on the performance of solar cells.

Tail gas treatment: PPECVD Coater

It is with the help of microwave or radio frequency, etc. so that the gas containing the atoms that make up the film, the formation of plasma in the local area, and the plasma is very chemically active, it is easy to react, and the desired thin film is deposited on the substrate.

Screen Printing: Screen Printing Machines

One of the key steps in the production of cells is the creation of very fine circuits on the front and back of the silicon wafer that export photogenerated electrons out of the cell. This coating process is often done by screen printing technology.

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