Air Compressor Energy Saving
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 A huge proportion of the electricity energy consumed by industrial air compressor is converted into heat and discharged into the environment. Heat recovery technology become the best way to help compressor saving energy by collecting and recycling the large amount of wasted high-temperature heat.

The principle of heat recovery system

While industrial air compressors are widely used, their high energy consumption has become a major issue of increasing concern. Most of the electricity will be converted into heat and released into the environment during the operation of the air compressor motor. This is because when the air is pressurized from normal pressure to a high level, the temperature of the oil-gas mixture also rises rapidly as well.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the industrial air compressor unit, cooling measures have to be taken to control its temperature within a reasonable range. Ultimately, what the company needs is only the compressed air, if there is no heat recovery system, the excess heat will be discharged into the atmosphere through the cooling system, which not only requires additional electricity, but also causes waste heat pollution. Therefore, recover the large amount of heat wasted by air compressor can make it become another big energy source.

Two types of heat recovery system

According to the different cooling methods of air compressors, the heat recovery energy source system is generally divided into two types: air-cooled air compressor heat recovery system and water-cooled air compressor heat recovery system. At present, most factories use water cooling system to cool the compressor.

In addition, the waste heat recovery energy source system of water-cooled air compressor recovers heat stably, and the hot water obtained is widely used in various places, which has better cooling effect on the air compressor. Therefore, the transformation and application of waste heat recovery system of water-cooled air compressor is more extensive.

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How heat recovery make the air compressor energy saving

Direct use of heat:

The waste heat from the compressor is directly transferred to other equipment through heat transfer devices, such as heat transfer devices, heat exchangers, etc., so that other equipment can obtain heat, such as water heating, steam generation, refrigeration or heating, etc.

  • Hot water supply: The collected heat energy is used to heat hot water to meet the needs of industrial production or living areas. For example: the production workshop needs to heat the water used for cleaning equipment, and the workers can also use the recovered heat energy to heat the bathroom water, etc.
  • Steam supply: The high-temperature exhaust gas discharged by the compressor is used for industrial-related steam production, such as boiler systems, which not only improves energy efficiency, but also reduces the production cost of the enterprise.
  • Refrigeration: The waste heat can be converted into refrigeration energy through the refrigeration system, which is used to cool air or water, etc., as well as the refrigeration needs of other related equipment.

Indirect use of heat:

Converting waste heat into other forms of energy and storing it in the corresponding medium, such as heat storage, electrical energy recovery, fuel processing, etc.

  • Energy source(electricity): Convert the waste heat of the compressor into electrical energy source and supply it to other equipment, such as power supply for factory buildings and machinery and equipment.

Advantages of air compressor saving energy by heat recovery

The application range of heat recovery energy source system is wide. It can be used in various fields such as equipment heating, water heating, steam generator, etc. In the chemical, textile, electric power and other industries, air compressor waste heat recovery energy source system has become a common energy-saving measure.

Firstly, Recycling waste heat as an energy source can not only reduce energy costs and reduce the burden on the environment, but also reduce the production and operating costs.

Secondly, heat recovery energy source system can improve production efficiency, by utilizing waste heat, the wasted heat energy source can be provided for other industrial processes, thereby saving more energy and improving production efficiency and product quality.


In the future, with the improvement of energy-saving and environmental protection awareness, the development trend of air compressor waste heat recovery energy source system will be stronger and the application innovation prospects will be broader. Air compressor waste heat recovery energy source system optimizes energy use and reduces energy costs, which is of great significance in terms of product quality and environmental protection. In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology, the application scope of compressor heat recovery energy source system will be wider and play a greater role.

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