2024 Air Dryer Unit For Compressor Near Me

Kotech Air dryer unit for compressor near me

While going to set up an air compressor unit, should the air dryer unit be mounted before the air compressor or after the air compressor, let’s figure out which kind of installation way is the most effective and beneficial with a comprehensive comparison of their advantages and disadvantages.

Air dryer unit installed before the air compressor

Installing the dryer downstream (after) the air compressor has always been a traditional approach, while installing the dryer upstream (before) the air compressor is a more modern approach.

However, each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each approach may be more suitable for certain applications, so it’s hard to simply give an answer of which air dryer unit is better than other.

What’s the merits of this installation method?

  1. Since the air delivery of the air compressor is known, it is much easier to select the air flowof the air dryer unit, and there is no need to bear the risk of changing the size of dryer later or potential overload of the dryer, because the maximum air flow of the dryer is determined to be larger than the air delivery of air compressor at the beginning. This not only reduces investment and operating costs, but also ensures constant and predictable air quality.
  1. Because the air has been dried before entering the air tank, sono condensate precipitation will appears in the air tank, which eliminates the potential risk of corrosion inside the air tank and extends the service life of the air compressor.
  1. when working with air compressor, it may often happens that compressed air demands continuouslyvary and fluctuate, due to the compressed air that stored in air tank is already dried, it’s ready-to-use, so when the air consumption peaks come there is no possible for the air dryer system overloading.

What’s the drawbacks of installing the air dryer upstream in compressor?

    • The inlet air temperature of air dryer unit is higher than the air temperature in the air tank, which requires the dryer to be sufficiently large, which will also increase the purchase cost and operating cost, and the performance of the dryer may decrease in hotter weather.


  • In addition, a centrifugal separator is required to eliminate condensate precipitation from the dryer, which means a further increase in purchase cost and requires additional operating and maintenance costs.

Kotech KTAD Series air dryer unit

Air dryer unit installed after the air compressor

What’s the merits of this installation method?

  1. Most of the condensed water will be removed in the air tank, which will reduce the operating load of the air dryerunit, thereby extending its service life and reducing its operating costs.
  1. The inlet air temperature of the air dryer unit is lower than the air temperature in the air tank, so the dryer does not need to be very big, which reduces the initial investment cost and constant running
  1. In certain case, the dryer can be run at a lower load or a smaller dryer can be used if wet air is required directly from the air tank.This also reduces purchase cost and energy cost.

What’s the drawbacks of installing the air dryer downstream in compressor?

  1. Condensate precipitation will causes corrosion inside the air tank, this damages the service life of air tank and air compressor unit.
  1. The air dryer unit will possibly get overloaded if the air consumption peak comes so that the quality of compressed air may decrease, and causes damage to the air dryer unit, reduce its useful life.
  1. Due to unknown air flow and fluctuating compressed air demands, it’s hard to select a suitable type of air dryer unit, and once inappropriate type of air dryer unit is selected potential need of changing size of air dryer unit may increase additional purchase and maintenance.

Kotech KTAD ll Seriesdryer in compressor

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Whether it is better to install the air dryer unit before or after depends on the actual usage. If you want more sufficient and stable compressed air supply to cope with the frequent fluctuations in consumption peaks, it is better to install the air dryer unit upstream.

kotech KTAD Series heatless air dryer

If you prefer more humid compressed air, it is a more appropriate choice to place the air dryer unit downstream, which is more energy-efficient and cost-saving as well.

Asking for professional advice is a faster and more effective way to make appropriate decision. Kotech group has a professional engineering team, let us know your requirements and conditions, we’re always ready to provide you with the most professional and efficient air compressor unit installation, improvement or purchase solution.

Furthermore, we can evaluate the conditions on-site and supply with excellent high-quality air dryer system and complete and assorted air compressor unit along with post treatment equipment.

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