Air Compressor Repair
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Air compressor repair and maintenance steps and air compressor repair and maintenance notes are as follows:

1. Air compressor repair replacement parts as far as possible to use the original company parts, otherwise the matching problem, the supplier will not be responsible.

2. The newly purchased air compressor first run 500 hours shall air compressor repair(about screw air compressor for car maintenance) and maintenance replacement of new oil, and then according to the normal oil change cycle every 4000 hours to replace, the annual operation of less than 4000 hours of the machine should be replaced once a year. Air compressor maintenance compressor cooling lubricant replacement time depends on the use of the environment, humidity, dust and air whether there are acidic and alkaline gases.

3. Each time the oil is changed during air compressor maintenance, the oil filter must be changed at the same time.

4. Air compressor maintenance oil filter in the first boot running 300-500 hours must be replaced, the second in the use of 2000 hours to replace, and then according to the normal time every 2000 hours to replace.

5. In the machine every 2000 hours or so to check the belt tension, if the belt is loose, must be adjusted until the belt tension; in order to protect the belt, in the whole process to prevent the belt because of oil contamination and scrapped.

6. Air compressor maintenance and replacement of air filters or air inlet valve, remember to prevent any debris falling into the compressor host cavity. Operation will be closed at the entrance of the host, after the operation is completed, to use your hands to rotate the host in the direction of rotation for several rounds, to determine that there is no obstruction, before you can start the machine.

7. Air compressor maintenance, the pressure in the air compressor system has been released, and other pressure sources have been isolated, the switch on the main circuit has been disconnected, and has been made to close the safety signs.

Kotech Air compressor oil, air filter, oil seal

Kotech Air compressor oil, air filter, oil seal

Maintenance schedules optimise resource utilisation

1. Advantages of annual maintenance of air compressor

1)  Air compressor professionals regularly visit the user’s site and provide inspection reports.

2) Annual maintenance plan includes spare parts and labour technical services required for the annual maintenance of air compressors.

3) Annual maintenance plan improves the efficiency of the air compressor and reduces the downtime of the equipment.

4) Users don’t need to reserve a large amount of spare parts for the air compressor and the related equipment.

5) Users do not need to make special training and set up special personnel

6) To provide users with value-added services: host exchange, equipment integrity rate guarantee. Parts inventory guarantee, professional technical
Technical service force support, remote data monitoring. Emergency call for repair response.

2. The significance of annual regular maintenance of air compressors

The annual regular maintenance of air compressor is to clean, check, adjust the parts and auxiliary equipment of air compressor after a certain period of time of air compressor operation, Fastening, lubrication, replacement of failed filter elements, grease, and valves. Remove hidden dangers, maintain and restore the good technical performance of the air compressor to do a series of work.

The significance is as follows:

1)  So that the air compressor to maintain a good working condition, give full play to the maximum efficiency of the air compressor;
2)  To ensure the safe operation of the air compressor, reduce operational failures To ensure the safe operation of the air compressor, reduce the operation failure, reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency;
3)  To ensure the economic operation of the air compressor, such as reducing lubricant oil consumption, parts consumption!
4)  Reduce the early wear and tear of air compressor parts and abnormal damage, prolong the service life of parts and the whole machine.

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