Mini Screw Air Compressor
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In the field of car maintenance, the Mini Screw Air Compressor is leading the way with its unique advantages. Here are some notable features that make it the focal point of the industry:

Integrated Air Compressor

The Mini Screw Air Compressor employs fully modular and highly integrated components, featuring a simple and compact overall structure. The weight of the host assembly is only 40kg, providing enhanced flexibility in automotive maintenance settings.

Energy-Saving Air End

The air end has received national secondary energy efficiency certification, meeting the standards for national energy efficiency level two. This not only translates to higher performance but also contributes to reduced energy consumption, aligning with sustainable practices.

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New Energy Vehicle-Grade Main Motor

Utilizing UH-resistant magnetic steel and enamel wire with temperature resistance up to 180℃ and 200°C, the main motor of the Mini Screw Air Compressor ensures durability and adaptability, particularly suitable for the maintenance needs of new energy vehicles.

Power Supply

The Mini Screw Air Compressor can provide single-phase 220V and three-phase 380V voltage supply according to customer requirements, offering more choices for maintenance workshops.

Silent Operation Design

Equipped with a fully enclosed soundproof cover, the overall noise of the equipment is only 69±3dB(A), providing operators with a quiet and comfortable working environment—a crucial feature in automotive maintenance.


(Kotech KED Series Mini screw air compressor)

Constant Pressure Air Supply

Through intelligent frequency conversion mode, the Mini Screw Air Compressor achieves constant pressure air supply, ensuring stability and reliability during maintenance processes.

Intelligent Control

The entire system adopts all-digital intelligent control technology, making it user-friendly, reliable in performance, and easily operable with a one-key start. This provides maintenance personnel with a more convenient user experience.

Durable and Easy to Operate

Regular maintenance of the Mini Screw Air Compressor requires no major repairs. One staff member can independently complete all maintenance work, offering higher work efficiency and convenience for maintenance personnel.

Mini Screw Air Compressor Usage Scenario

(Mini Screw Air Compressor Usage Scenario)

The Mini Household Screw Air Compressor is setting new standards in the automotive maintenance industry with its outstanding performance and innovative design. In the ever-evolving field of car maintenance, choosing the Mini Screw Air Compressor is a key step towards efficiency and sustainability.