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Air compressor is one of the general equipment in the manufacturing industry, and doing a good job in energy-saving management of air compressors is an essential task to achieve enterprise power saving. In order to save the production cost of the enterprise, it is imperative for the enterprise to be equipped with energy-efficient air compressors.

How to make the air compressor energy-saving?

1.Control screw compressor oil leakage:

Check regularly whether the interface and valve leak, deal with the leak point in time.

2. Pressure drop treatment:

Set up a pressure gauge through the pipeline segment to detect the pressure, check the pressure drop of each section of your section in detail, and check and maintain the problematic pipe network section in time.

3. Adjust the pressure matching of gas equipment:

Evaluate the pressure requirements of the gas equipment and reduce the discharge pressure of the air compressor as much as possible while ensuring production.

air compressor
4. Adjust unreasonable gas consumption behavior:

According to authoritative data, the electric energy utilization rate of the air compressor is only about 10%, and about 90% is converted to heat energy loss, and it is necessary to evaluate the pneumatic equipment used in the factory and whether it can be solved by electric means. At the same time, we should also resolutely eliminate the use of compression wind to do routine cleaning work.

5. Adopt centralized control mode :

The number of air compressors is small, you can use a frequency conversion air compressor to regulate the pressure, if the number is large, you can use centralized linkage control to avoid the step-type discharge pressure rise caused by the parameter setting of multiple air compressors.

air compressor
6. Do a good job in equipment maintenance and cleaning
Increase the heat dissipation effect of the air compressor, the exchange effect of the heat exchanger such as water cooling and air cooling, and keep the air compressor oil clean.

7. Waste heat recovery of air compressor:
Recovery of air compressor oil heat to prepare hot water for use in other processes or assisted living facilities.

8. Modification or replacement of drying system :
The new drying equipment uses air pressure air waste heat to dry and dehydrate the compressed air, and the energy saving rate exceeds 80%.

Consider Costs and Maintenance Frequency

Repairing and replacing parts can become costly, especially when some components wear quickly. Running tests might take away from essential operations. Finding the balance for maintenance frequency is vital to creating a cost-effective solution.

However, regular maintenance and servicing can also save businesses money and reduce several costs, including:

  • Reducing downtime: When you can better ensure equipment functionality and quality, you can prevent extended downtimes that hurt operations and overall efficiency. Regular maintenance catches problems early, resulting in less extensive repairs that take less time to complete. Quality and operational components and systems mean you can enhance optimal performance.
  • Preventing costly repairs: More comprehensive maintenance costs more than fixing smaller parts. Additionally, replacements might be more expensive than repairing existing systems. Regular maintenance allows you to identify wear and damage at smaller levels before they affect other components and systems. Even one component underperforming or working with damage can hurt other parts in the air compressor.
  • Improving energy efficiency: Operating more efficiently can reduce your energy bill. Equipment functioning with damaged or worn parts might overcompensate and use more energy than it needs to meet the same specifications. Maintenance and servicing can identify overproduction before the air compressor uses large amounts of energy.

Your maintenance and servicing procedures can significantly impact your organization’s overall savings. Even if you need to inspect equipment frequently, understanding its financial value can justify actions.

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