Uses of Commercial & industrial Air Compressors


Uses of Commercial & Industrial Air Compressors
Air compressor to provide gas source power, is the core equipment of the pneumatic system, electromechanical lead gas source device in the main body, it is the original motion (usually electric motor or diesel engine) mechanical energy into gas pressure energy device, is the compressed air pressure generator.


Uses of Commercial & industrial Air Compressors?

Four aspects of the use of air compressors

uses of air compressors from four aspects.

  1. Compressed air as a power source

Air compressors are capable of generating compressed air, which is widely used in various applications. In industrial production, wind-powered machinery and wind-powered tools often need compressed air as a power to drive, improve work efficiency. In addition, compressed air is often used to control instruments and automation devices to ensure the accuracy and stability of production processes. In the field of national defence and scientific research, some special weapons launching, submarine sinking and shipwreck salvage and other tasks, also rely on different pressure levels of compressed air to achieve.

  1. Application in chemical process

In the chemical industry, the role of the air compressor can not be ignored. Increasing the gas pressure can promote the chemical reaction, thus improving the reaction speed and the purity of the products. For example, in the fertiliser production process, the ammonia process needs to make hydrogen and nitrogen react under high pressure conditions; in the production of urea, it is also necessary to provide appropriate gas pressure through the air compressor to promote the chemical reaction between carbon dioxide and ammonia.

In addition, air compressors are also widely used in chemical processes such as plastics production and petroleum refining, providing strong support for the development of the chemical industry.

  1. Compressed gas for refrigeration and separation

Air compressors also play a key role in the field of refrigeration. Through the process of compression, cooling and expansion, gas can be converted into liquid state, thus realising artificial refrigeration. Refrigeration air compressors are indispensable equipment in the fields of freezing, cold storage and air conditioning. At the same time, air compressors are also used in the process of separating gases.

When a gas mixture is compressed, it can be separated one by one in a separation device according to the gasification temperatures of the different components to obtain a high purity gas. This technology has a wide range of applications in air separation, oil cracking gas separation and other fields.

  1. Gas conveying and storage

Air compressors play an important role in gas conveying and storage. In the process of gas conveying, air compressor can increase the pressure of gas, overcome the resistance of pipeline, and realise the gas conveying in long distance. Whether it’s gas, natural gas or other industrial gases, they all need to be pressurised and transported by means of an air compressor.

In addition, air compressors are used for the bottled storage of gases. By compressing gases and filling them into cylinders, gases can be easily stored and transported. The nature of different gases determines the different pressure of their bottling, and the air compressor needs to be adjusted accordingly to the characteristics of the gas.

To sum up, air compressors play an important role in compressed air as a power source, chemical process, refrigeration and separation, as well as gas transport and storage. With the progress of science and technology and industrial development, the application fields of air compressors will continue to expand, bringing more convenience and benefits to people’s life and industrial production.

The main uses of air compressors are varied and even include the following:

Uses For Air Compressor

  1. Traditional air power: wind-powered tools, rock drills, pickaxes, pneumatic wrenches, pneumatic sandblasting;
  2. Instrumentation control and automation devices, such as machining centres for tool replacement;
  3. Vehicle braking, doors and windows open and close;
  4. Air-jet looms with compressed air blowing the weft in place of the shuttle;
  5. Food, pharmaceutical industry, the use of compressed air mixing slurry;
  6. Large marine diesel engine start;
  7. Wind tunnel experiments, underground passageway ventilation, metal smelting;
  8. Oil well fracturing;
  9. High-pressure air blasting coal mining;
  10. Weapons systems, missile launch, torpedo launch;
  11. Submarine sinking, wreck salvage, submarine oil exploration, hovercraft;
  12. Tyre inflation;
  13. Spray paint;
  14. Bottle blowing machine;
  15. Air separation industry;
  16. Industrial control power (drive cylinders, pneumatic components);
  17. The production of high-pressure air for the cooling and drying of processed parts ……

The above is about the use of air compressors, so that you know more about it. We should also pay more attention to the use of this instrument, if there is no understanding of the place, consult before operation, so as not to cause unnecessary danger Oh!

Uses for air compressor-Product Recommendation

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