Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor
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Oil-free scroll air compressor combines the advantages of both oil-free air compressor and scroll air compressor.

Oil-free scroll air compressor not only has irreplaceable advantages in structure, work efficiency, reliability, vibration and other aspects, but also has the following major advantages:

Top 8 Advantages

  1. Since there is no need to add lubricating oil, the discharged gas does not contain oil, which eliminates the adverse consequences of oily gas on the production process, does not pollute the end products of users, and can meet the special needs of special fields such as food industry and pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Because it does not contain lubricating oil, it will not cause the bad effect of lubricating oil solidification in cryogenic engineering.
  3. Because the gas does not carry oil, the possibility of oil deposition on the heat exchanger wall is reduced and eliminated, so that the heat transfer efficiency is improved, and the resistance loss of the gas can also be reduced.
    KUW Series Scroll Air Compressor
  4. Can cancel the oil injector, oil and gas separator and other equipment, and therefore reduce the system resistance, improve the work efficiency, because of the reduction of equipment, its processing cost is also reduced relative to the oil injection scroll air compressor.
  5. Save a lot of lubrication oil,A high pressure circulating machine can save 3600 kg of oil every year, can save resources, more environmental protection,under the condition of high price for oil resource, the operation cost can be reduced and the economy of oil-free scroll air compressor can be improved.
    KUW Series Silent Air Compressor

    (KUW Series Silent Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor)

  6. Due to the use of self-lubricating material packing box sealing element, can save heavy scraping work on the original metal stuffing box basically,And the overhaul workload is also greatly reduced, labor intensity is greatly reduced.
  7. The ideal oil-free air compressor has a long service life because of the low friction coefficient of the sealing friction parts.
  8. In oil-free scroll air compressors, the compressed medium is no longer a mixture of oil and gas, the analysis object of thermal process is pure gas, and the air compressor can be assumed to be an ideal gas, so that its working efficiency can be improved.
KUW Series Silent Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor
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It shows, although the oil-free air compressor uses engineering plastics or metal plastics as sealing components, the cost is higher than that of metal, but its economic effect is far higher than that of the oil-injection scroll air compressor with metal seals.

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