Choosing Screw Air Compressors
By Published On: January 9, 2024Views: 112

The industrial screw air compressors have become a part of our daily lives. They are more reliable and efficient than piston analogues and are suitable for businesses with higher air purity requirements. Medical institutions, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, metallurgy and other industries are only a small part of the scope of use of screw air compressors. In this review, we will point out 10 reasons why you should choose a screw air compressor for your business.

    1. compact.
      In fact, it takes up very little space of screw installation. Even when used with a receiver, they are mounted on top of the receiver, resulting in a very compact installation. Screw air compressors are small in size and do not require a special room and can be installed directly in the work area.
    2. Easy to install and assemble.
      Screw air compressors require no special mounting foundation. The unit has very low vibration and any concrete or asphalt area with a flat surface is suitable for these uses. The air compressor is fully ready to operate; you just need to connect it to the network and pneumatic equipment.
    3. Low noise and vibration level.
      Almost all manufacturers of such compressors enclose them in special sound-absorbing casings. They produce noise that is almost invisible to the human ear through the operation of their mechanical devices. The same goes for vibrations. Air compression is produced by a screw, which does not reciprocate like a piston. Therefore, the screw air compressor does not cause discomfort to personnel and is almost sensationless during operation.
    4. Output.
      This significant figure is much higher than that of piston models with the same power and electricity consumption. One such compressor can provide compressed air to a fairly large business. And its maintenance costs are lower than several similar piston engines.
    5. High degree of automatio.
      All such equipment is equipped with automated systems. It helps monitor operating parameters, adjusting modes, and even managing settings remotely. The installation does not require constant supervision and presence of an operator. If an emergency occurs, it will send a warning signal to the control panel on its own.
    6. Cheap.
      After precise calculation, it is a fact that screw air compressors are 30% more economical than piston compressors. This is because the energy cost for the same power is an order of magnitude lower. Thanks to automatic control, work is optimized. Some models are equipped with frequency converters, which also allow significant resource savings.
    7. Trouble-free operation.
      All piston air compressors have a short service life because the cylinder piston set is very hot and wears out quickly. Screw systems do not have this disadvantage, so they can operate for several days, shutting down only for maintenance and repairs.
    8. Fuel consumption.
      Due to the low friction of the mechanism, the screw air compressor generates less heat and requires almost no lubrication. The oil injected into an oil-injected compressor is not actually consumed but must be replaced during maintenance. By the way, due to this effect, maintenance intervals for such devices are very long. This also affects operating costs.
    9. Clean air.
      There are also oil-free air compressors, which require no lubrication at all. To reduce friction, they use high-temperature metals and special anti-friction coatings. Oil-free units produce high-purity air for using in the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
    10. Durability.
      Screw air compressors have a long service life. Piston counterparts have a service life of 5-10 years, while screw counterparts have a lifespan of 12 years with lower maintenance costs. This is due to their working principle: screw compressors are subject to less shock loads and friction, which makes their mechanisms more durable.

Thanks for watching the reasons, and hopefully these reasons will help you choose a suitable screw air compressors(oil lubricated compressor). If you need such machines,please feel free to contact Kotech Group, providing you the professional guide.