Air Tanks
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Air Tanks are more than just compressed air packages, they are an important addition to your compressed air system, serving as temporary storage space to meet your system’s peak demands and helping to optimize your system’s efficiency.

Benefits of using air tanks

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Regardless of the size of your compressed air system, air storage tanks offer a number of advantages for your compressed air installation:

1. Compressed air storage

As we mentioned above, an air storage tank is an auxiliary compressed air device that provides temporary storage for compressed air before it enters your piping system or other devices in your compressor system.

2. Stabilize system pressure

The storage tank acts as a buffer between the compressor itself and any pressure fluctuations caused by changes in demand, ensuring that you are able to meet system demand (even peak demand!) ), while receiving a steady supply of compressed air. The air in the receiver tank is even available when the compressor is not running! This also helps to eliminate overpressurization or short cycling of your compressor system.

3. Prevent unnecessary system wear

When your compressor system needs more air, the compressor motor will cycle to meet that need. However, when your system includes storage tanks, the air available in the tanks helps prevent the motor from being over-unloaded or unloaded and helps reduce compressor cycling.

4. Reduce Compressed Air Waste

Compressed air is wasted every time a compressor system cycles on and off because the tank is vented, which releases compressed air. Because the tank helps reduce the number of times the compressor cycles on and off, the amount of wasted compressed air during the cycle can be significantly reduced.

5. Condensation to reduce humidity

Moisture present in the system (in the form of water vapor) condenses during the compression process. Although other compressor auxiliaries are specifically designed to handle wet air (i.e., aftercoolers and air dryers), storage tanks can also help reduce the moisture content of the system. Tanks collect condensate into a moisture trap, which you can then quickly drain when needed.


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