Variable Frequency Air Compressors
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Industrial production is inseparable from the air compressor as a power source, but the power consumption of the air compressor is also huge. We are in the process of purchasing the pursuit of how to ensure stable production at the same time can also reduce noise and energy saving?

However, there are both frequency conversion air compressor and permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor on the market, how to choose and match to our production needs?

Today we will talk about it:

First of all, we need to know the type of motor, what is the frequency converter?

(1) frequency conversion air compressor is an asynchronous motor.

(2) permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor using permanent magnet synchronous motor.

(3) The frequency converter is a controller to control the operation of the AC motor.

Frequency conversion air compressor adopts the motor are rated speed and power, through the frequency converter variable speed control technology to adjust the motor speed to achieve the gas production and gas consumption to match, when the gas consumption and gas production becomes small automatically enter the dormant state, in the frequent startup and shutdown of the production situation, to avoid the peak of the current, to ensure that the air compressor starts smoothly and gently to reduce the impact on the power grid and unloading power loss, thus achieving energy saving effect. Thus, it achieves energy-saving effect.

Distinguishing Variable Frequency Air Compressors vs. Permanent Magnet Models: A Comprehensive Guide

(Distinguishing Variable Frequency Air Compressors vs. Permanent Magnet Models: A Comprehensive Guide)

Permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor is assembled with permanent magnet synchronous motor and special frequency converter, which is smaller in size, and the motor is driven directly, which amplifies the advantages of frequency conversion air compressor to the extreme, because there is a circle of magnet ring in the rare earth permanent magnet motor, which releases the magnetic field when it is energised, and reduces the stator current and the loss of resistance, and it will not be demagnetised under the temperature of 120℃, so that the energy saving effect is more obvious when it runs at a light load, and the efficiency is increased by 5% compared with the same specification frequency conversion motor. The working efficiency is at least 5-8% higher than that of the same specification inverter motor.

Considering from the point of view of energy consumption power, permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor can bring higher value of use, and customers can benefit for a longer time.

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