Air Compressor Filters
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【Kotech Compressor】Air Compressor Three filter replacement

First, the oil filter element replacement

  1. Spin down the oil filter element and discard it.
  2. Carefully clean the filter shell, dredge the front and rear differential pressure through holes.
  3. Check the performance of differential pressure transmitter.
  4. The new filter element loaded with oil (filter element seal ring coated with a layer of oil).
  5. When loading the filter element, spin it until it touches the sealing gasket, and then manually tighten it 1/3 turn.
  6. After switching on the machine, check whether there is any leakage.

Second, the oil and gas separation filter element replacement

  1. Remove the minimum pressure valve on the connecting hose and copper pipe.
  2. Dismantle the copper pipe of oil return pipe.
  3. Remove the cover plate.
  4. Pull out the filter element
  5. Clean the cartridge.
  6. Replace the cartridge and install it in reverse order.

Cleaning the three filters of the air compressor

In order to avoid the screw air compressor being worn out prematurely and the fine filter element in the oil-air separator being blocked, it is usually necessary to clean or replace the air filter element after 500H of operation; in dusty areas, the replacement time should be shortened.

Filter replacement must be stopped, in order to reduce downtime, it is recommended to replace with a new or already cleaned spare filter element.

kotech air compressor filters

Kotechair compressor three filters

Cleaning the air compressor three filter is the main attention:

Air compressor three filter is a paper filter element, in addition to the air filter element cleaned and available, the rest of the best replacement of new products. Metal filter, filter element of, can only be cleaned with clean oil, brush or air cylinder, blow out the dirt with gas, do not fire.

  1. Against a flat surface, take turns to tap the two end surfaces of the cartridge to remove the vast majority of heavy and dry dust.
  2. With less than 0.28Mpa of dry air along the direction opposite to the inhalation of air blowing, nozzle and folded paper at least 25mm away from each other, and blow up and down along the direction of its height.
  3. Cartridge inspection, if found thinning, pinholes or broken places, should be discarded.

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