Mining screw air compressor
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Main features of mining screw air compressor:

  1. High efficiency, energy saving, stability

In recent years, the international host rotor adopts new asymmetric type line. Such as Germany’s GHH type line, Sweden’s x type line, Japan’s α, β type line and domestic XP type line, high efficiency and energy saving.

Energy Saving Motor

Energy Saving Motor

Mining screw air compressor has the characteristics of forced air transmission, that is, the exhaust volume does not change with the change of exhaust pressure, the exhaust pressure increases or decreases every 1MPa, the exhaust volume correspondingly reduces or increases by about 1%, at the same time, mining screw air compressor internal pressure ratio has nothing to do with the rotational speed, any rotational speed type of the internal pressure ratio is almost a fixed value.

Mining screw air compressor in a wide range of exhaust volume, exhaust pressure and speed range, the efficiency change is not big, and can maintain a high value, the specific power change is very small. Due to the high rotational speed of the air compressor, without reducer, it has the performance of continuous air transmission, and the pulsation of air transmission is very small accordingly, if there is no special requirement, it can not be installed with another air storage tank.

  2. Excellent environmental protection design

Soundproof box design, compact and complete unit, small volume, light weight, low noise, small area, no special foundation design, construction, easy installation. For example: kotech KDP-5/7 series type air compressor volume flow rate of 5.2m3/min, working pressure of 7bar, motor power of 36.8kW, noise of 78 plus or minus 3dB (A), the maximum exhaust temperature of 100 ℃, weight of 1200kg, dimensions of 3230×1440×1425 box unit including air compressor, motor, instrumentation, electronic control, After cooling system, etc., without the need to purchase another instrumentation cabinet, electronic control cabinet.

kotech mining screw air compressor-1
kotech mining screw air compressor-2

Mining screw air compressor power almost completely balanced, no unbalanced mass force, so that the machine can be balanced without vibration operation. Therefore, there is no need for foundation, as long as it is placed in a flat, well-ventilated plant.

  3. Perfect comprehensive protection function

The mining screw air compressor has perfect protection functions, such as unloading and masking stop, main motor overload stop, exhaust gas temperature too high stop, fan motor overload stop, etc. The water-cooled unit is equipped with thermostatic valve automatic control. The water-cooled unit has a thermostatic valve to automatically control the unit discharge temperature, and the air-cooled unit has an independent fan cooling system.

  4. Automatic computer control

PLC (programmable controller) as the centre, IMMI (touch screen) industrial human-machine interface, man-machine dialogue, the whole Chinese operation display system, simple operation, intuitive. Full computer automation control, provide mining screw air compressor maintenance information in all aspects, achieve maintenance tips, can print the pressure curve, provide dynamic distribution of air compression usage, can be a history of alarms, convenient for users to analyse the actual parameters of the compression system. No need to be guarded, reduce labour costs and improve operational efficiency.

  5. Small maintenance, low running cost

As the main parts of the air compressor are imported, the advanced manufacturing process makes the unit have a long operating life and low maintenance.

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