Water Well Drilling
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In outdoor operations, drilling and cleaning water wells often necessitate the use of water well drilling machines, with the screw air compressor being a crucial energy source for these machines. Additionally, well cleaning machines utilize air pressure principles, maintaining a water level of approximately 10 meters during well cleaning. By injecting compressed gas into the well through a wind pipe, a pressure difference is created, causing vigorous agitation of water within the well.

This process effectively impacts the well bottom and walls, breaking up mud layers, and directing wastewater through pipes to the surface, achieving the goal of well cleaning. These machines are characterized by their fast cleaning speed, excellent results, and features such as simple structure, user-friendly operation, and reliable performance. The well cleaning machines in this series can reach depths of 100-300 meters, addressing the inefficiencies of traditional well cleaning machines and reducing cleaning costs. They are widely employed in irrigation wells, deep water well cleaning, and are vital products for national water authorities, drought relief teams, and engineering procurement.

Features of Well Cleaning Air Compressors:

  1. Utilizes compressed air principles for powerful and efficient well cleaning.
  2. Offers the flexibility to choose between diesel or electric power sources based on customer requirements.
  3. Diesel engines can be electrically started, reducing operator labor intensity, especially in cold seasons.
  4. Equipped with support legs for machine stability during operation, ensuring a leveled position.
  5. Optional installation of towing frame and wheeled walking mechanism for convenient relocation.

Screw Air Compressors: including permanent magnet frequency screw air compressors and diesel mobile screw air compressors, are commonly used in various construction sites and are continuously evolving.

1. Permanent Magnet Frequency Screw Air Compressor: The core of this compressor is an efficient screw main engine, supported by a high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor and advanced frequency control technology. The application of permanent magnet synchronous motors in screw air compressors expands the variety and specifications of these products, promoting energy efficiency and contributing to energy conservation.


2. Diesel Mobile Screw Air Compressor: Different from permanent magnet frequency screw air compressors, diesel mobile screw air compressors utilize the latest GHH main engine, optimized for issues like machine cost and energy consumption. They feature large displacement, low energy consumption, and high efficiency. The power system is designed for non-road use, ensuring uniform atomization, complete combustion, and low fuel consumption. These compressors are recommended for well drilling applications, and Kotech’s KDP series effortlessly meets the demands of the water well industry.

Advantages of KDP Well Drilling Air Compressors:

  1. Original Japanese YANMAR engine for better fuel economy and lower noise.
  2. Large mobile compressors in the KDP series use Cummins diesel engines for enhanced power, easy maintenance, and convenient operation.
  3. Optimized rotor structure for up to 12% efficiency improvement and reduced operating costs.
  4. Silent enclosure design for low noise levels even in urban environments, avoiding noise pollution.
Kotech mobile air compressor KDP5-7

Kotech mobile air compressor KDP5-7

Applications of Mobile Air Compressors:

  1. Mining Industry: Vital for harsh and demanding mining operations, providing air for rock drills and other pneumatic machinery.
  2. Sandblasting and Surface Treatment: Essential for stable compressed air flow in applications like industrial painting, rust removal, and surface cleaning.
  3. Municipal Road Construction: Powers pneumatic compactors, rock drills, and asphalt pavers in road construction projects.
  4. Emergency Services: Emergency service departments, including fire departments, use mobile air compressors to power hydraulic rescue tools and provide air support for firefighting equipment.
kds series air compressor application

KDP series air compressor applications

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