Coal Mine Air Compressor
By Published On: January 11, 2024Views: 38

Screw portable air compressor for coal mine or mining is directly used in coal mine explosion-proof places, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the machine in the case of methane, coal dust and other explosives, let if full play to its superior economic efficiency, please do the following:


  1. After the air compressor arrives at the site, an inspection ground test should be carried out on the ground first to verify whether the performance is intact.
  2. The air compressor used under the coal mine should be placed in a flat, well-ventilated, less dust, no water, dripping, relatively clean, there is a certain space in the roadway is appropriate, it is best placed in a ventilated position.
  3. When driving on the ground, a single car should be released, it is prohibited to drag other mining cars before and after the air compressor, and the running speed is controlled within 10km/h. Curves and ramps are controlled within 5km/h.
  4. The working site of the air compressor should be in a safe position, and the size of the site space should be based on the principle of not interfering with the operation, maintenance and transportation of the driver,a small section of fork road can be laid on the side of the track, the air compressor is placed on the fork road, the wooden wedge is inserted under the wheel, and the power supply and air duct can be connected, without the need to develop special holes and no foundation.
  5. If the compressed air discharged by the air compressor is to be incorporated into the main air duct of the roadway, remember that a valve should be added to the connecting pipe.Close the valve during shutdown to prevent back-wind.
  6. When using a plug-in hose connection, the connection between the machine and the hose should have a hose fastening device to prevent the danger of the pipe leaving the machine.
  7. The lubricating oil used in the air compressor must be the special oil for the screw machine recommended by Kotech Company.
  8. The control components, safety protection devices and instruments configured on the air compressor have been adjusted before leaving the factory.Irrelevant personnel are strictly prohibited from messing around.
  9. The driver who operates the air compressor should undergo the necessary technical training and pass the examination before taking the post. Others are not allowed to start or operate the air compressor. The user should better manage the air compressor, make operation records, shift records, and maintenance records.

Ensure safe and efficient operation with KOTECH’s specially designed screw portable air compressor for coal mines. Follow our guidelines, including pre-site inspections, proper placement, and adherence to speed regulations. Maximize economic efficiency by incorporating recommended lubricating oil and maintaining records.