A Guide to Working
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Considering an Air Compressor for Sub-Zero Temperatures: A Guide to Working at -40℃.

1. Purpose

In order to standardize the assembly process of the Preheat boiler, this work instruction is specially formulated.

2. Area

This article stipulates the company’s preheating boiler process for assembling diesel mobile air compressors.

3. Responsibilities

  • The technical department is responsible for formulating the assembly process and guiding the assembly process;
  • The production department is responsible for the specific implementation.

4. Procedure


Assembly Process
Products Diesel Air Compressor
Model Preheat boiler Process Name Unit component installation Production Team Screw Unit
No Process content and requirements Process equipmen Photos
1 Prepare the preheating boiler and move it to the specified location on the production line. Figure 1 Allen wrench A Guide to Working
2 Place the prepared 185 cfm mobile air compressor in an open location. Figure 2
3 Prepare fasteners and preheat the boiler. Figure 3
1. Preheating the boiler
2. Preheat and filter the power cord and oil pipe fittings.
3. Preheat filter water pipe fittings.
4. Tools and fasteners (need to be prepared by the user)
5. Preheat the oil suction pipe of the boiler. (Users can replace them according to actual conditions)
6. Preheat boiler water pipe fittings. (The user needs to choose according to the actual situation)
4 Remove the air outlet plate of the compressor.
5 Use a flat-blade screwdriver to lift off the plastic cover, and be careful not to pry it off during the disassembly process.
When the air outlet board is opened, the top cover of the device must be closed.
After opening the air outlet plate, the installation position of the preheating boiler shows the state shown in Figure 6.
6 Install the preheating boiler to the corresponding position.
7 Connect the prepared control power cords in sequence according to the wiring mode of the quick connector.
8 Connect the control line of the preheating boiler to the battery.
And put the preheating switch in a reasonable position.
9 Connect the diesel oil suction pipe of the preheating boiler to the oil outlet which reserved on the oil tank.
During this process, make sure that the oil suction pipe extends to the bottom of the oil tank.
10 Connect the oil outlet pipe of the oil tank to the oil suction pipe of the preheating boiler.
11 The water outlet of the engine is connected with the water inlet of the preheating boiler.
The water inlet of the engine is connected with the water outlet of the preheating boiler.
12 After all the above is completed, the installation of the preheating boiler can be completed.
After start preheat boiler 3-8 mins need to turn off,so Complete the preheating function.